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Transforming Diversity Training into Everyday Practice

Culture building must be continuous, not a one-off event.
It’s about fostering networks, conversations, and interactions.

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A vibrant, interactive space designed to deepen connections

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Foster a deeper understanding and stronger connections within your teams


Using Generative-AI, create understanding within team experiences

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I completed diversity training, now what?

Research indicates that event-style training fails to leave a lasting impact on teams, with its effects fading within 48 hours of completion. TeamBuilder’s continuous approach fosters deeper connections, belonging, and shared purpose – leading to reduced attrition, higher NPS, and improved productivity. 

TeamBuilder by Intuition

Social Network

TeamBuilder’s Corporate Social Network is a vibrant and interactive digital space crafted to foster deeper understanding and connections within diverse teams. It’s more than a mere platform; it serves as a community hub where team members can engage, share experiences, and collaborate.

Social Network


Engaging and Enlightening Team Experiences offers over 60 professionally-curated sets of activities, each themed around cultural and heritage events such as LatinX month, Juneteenth, and more. These activities are designed to foster team spirit and enhance cultural awareness among team members.

Team Challenges


Banter transforms everyday interactions into opportunities for light-hearted, meaningful exchanges among team members. Designed to act as a virtual water cooler, Banter encourages engaging discussions, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie within the workplace.

Team Conversation Starters

Coffee Chats

Whether conducted face-to-face or online, these coffee chats are designed to break down barriers, encourage open communication, and enhance mutual understanding among colleagues from varied backgrounds. By prioritizing personal interactions, TeamBuilder Coffee Chats play a crucial role in building a cohesive, inclusive, and connected workplace culture.

Coffee Chat

Celebrate your team diversity

Dedicate to fostering a engaged, and diverse team

Fostering an inclusive workplace requires continuous effort. Acknowledging and integrating diverse professional, cultural, religious, and secular holidays into your team-building plans year-round promotes inclusivity and respect. Utilize our monthly planners and the guide below to strategically plan your diversity-focused events.

TeamBuilder Challenges simplify creating interactive events, offering a wide range of cultural events and holidays to enrich your planning and foster a dynamic, inclusive team environment.


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