Our mission is to make everyone around the world love going to work, whether you’re going to your home office or headquarters.
We offer employee engagement solutions that empower organizations to create a culture of engagement where every employee feels valued, heard, and empowered to perform at their best, leading to improved business outcomes and employee well-being.

We are committed to empowering managers to lead more engaged, efficient teams. More satisfied employees. More satisfied managers. More returns for your business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower organizations with the tools and resources they need to create a culture of engagement, where every employee feels valued, heard and motivated to perform at their best. We strive to be the premier platform for measuring, tracking, and improving employee engagement, leading to a more productive, profitable and sustainable business.
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Our Values


We work together as one unit to solve problems and gain insights throughout the process. We don't let each other fail. We focus on blameless problem solving. Collaboration does not always mean consensus. We can disagree and still remain committed to the end goal as a team.


We maintain confidence without arrogance. We approach everyone with the same respect and compassion. We use our differences to drive us closer together, not further apart. We embrace uncomfortable ideas and conversations as ways to grow.


We do the right thing even when no one is looking. We take commitments seriously and hold ourselves accountable as a team for company-wide results.

Full Suite of Tools and Professional Services

Employee engagement tool

We provide customers the resources to tackle the challenges of remote and hybrid workplaces. We empower you to help your team members feel part of a community.

Powerful analytics tool

We provide managers the data and analytics you need to supplement your intuition. We help you make intelligent decisions about your teams and more efficiently run one-on-one meetings.

Hybrid workforce

Professional services

We work with customers to learn your specific needs, then build custom machine learning models of data to support management decision-making.

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