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5 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Communication Skills

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This year, virtual communication became the main form of communication for many people all over the world. And learning how to communicate effectively when you’re relying on Zoom, emails, and work chat platforms has certainly been a challenge.

While such a quick shift can be really hard to get used to, it’s more than possible to improve your virtual communication skills and make the most of this new norm. Here are five simple tips that can change the game for you and your team.

5 Ways to Improve Virtual Communication Skills

Focus on Face-to-Face Conversations

When your team is working remotely, it’s easy to resort to communicating mostly through email and chat platforms. In order to improve your virtual communication skills, make sure you’re still getting some face time—even if it’s over a screen. When you’re communicating over Zoom, you’re able to have more personal interactions. Even something as simple as making eye contact with your team can make a big difference in communication.

Do More Team-Building Activities

There are many advantages to doing team-building activities within your company—one of them being that it’s a proven way to build strong connections and encourage communication within your team. Intuition’s virtual events do just that, bringing employees closer together through live events that everyone can experience together, whether that’s a comedy show, cooking class, or workout.

Don’t Always Stay on Mute

If you’ve been on a Zoom call lately, you’ve probably noticed pretty much everyone except for the speaker is always on mute. That’s a good thing for the most part, as it prevents coughs and background noises from becoming a distraction. But the next time you’re leading a meeting, make an effort to get more people in on the conversation. It opens a door for better communication and makes people feel like they’re part of the team—not just bystanders.

Engage in More Lighthearted Fun

The environment can play a big role in how good or bad your virtual communication skills are. When you make it a comfortable, safe space for people to communicate, they do so more easily and more often. It just takes some getting used to, and that’s where attending virtual events like happy hours and coffee chats can be beneficial. It’s a relaxed and stress-free place to talk to each other. Intuition even also has an in-session chat that allows employees to talk to each other during live events.

Embrace the Awkward Moments

Things don’t always run smoothly when you’re communicating virtually. People are interrupted by their kids during Zoom calls, they forget they’re wearing pajama bottoms instead of pants, there’s plenty of accidental talking over each other… the list goes on. When you stop taking things so seriously and get a laugh out of these awkward but inevitable situations, people will be a lot more comfortable communicating.


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