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Break Employees’ Quarantine Routine With This Platform

Quarantine Routine

Pre-quarantine, many employees were able to get a dose of work and play. After a long day, there were happy hours with coworkers, events to attend—things that made jobs exciting. Now in this new work-from-home world, the days quickly blur together, leaving people longing for a change. That’s where Intuition comes in.

Intuition’s workforce engagement platform can help break up even the most mundane quarantine routines, easily adding excitement back into employees’ lives. Here’s why it’s a must for teams all across the country.

How Intuition Can Break Your Quarantine Routine

1. It Allows Employees to Socialize

The amount of socialization you get at home is nowhere near the amount you got working in an office. And that lack of socialization can be lonely. In one study, 61 percent of people reported feeling lonely this year—a 7 percent increase from last year. While in-personal socialization may be limited, Intuition makes it easy to socialize online. The Live Sessions make you feel together from afar as you join colleagues for trainer-led workouts, comedy shows, and cooking classes.

2. It Keeps Employees Engaged

Slack and Zoom aren’t the only ways employees can engage with each other when everyone is working from home. Intuition is the only engagement platform that allows teams to connect and create an authentic culture. Virtual experiences and workshops bring people together, and there’s also the added bonus of the in-session chat that allows employees to talk with each other during the events. Aside from strengthening the connections between team members, it also helps your business, as engaged teams have been found to be 21 percent more profitable.

3. It Keeps Employees Stimulated

When you do the same thing day after day with nothing new happening in your life, things can get boring. Intuition can help employees restimulate their brains, which in turn gives their mental health a much-needed boost. You’re always learning something new during the live classes and webinars, expanding your mind during meditations, asking questions—all things that help give your brain a boost. Intuition’s Challenges also let remote teams compete through yoga challenges, step-counting competitions, and more.

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