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Self-Care Tips & Guided Meditations for Your Enneagram Type

Understanding your Enneagram Type gives you the roadmap to create healthy habits that will not only rejuvenate you, but give you the right fuel your engine needs to run smoothly. Each type has its own set of needs and places they go when stressed, which is why it’s important to understand how it shows up for your specific Enneagram Type so that you can create the best practice to get your needs met and ultimately thrive in life.

With a plethora of self-care practices available at your leisure, there are specific ones that each type will benefit more from, making that new practice become a habit and way of life. All of these practices are beneficial for everyone, so feel free to read through all the numbers and try what works best. I also encourage you to practice the self-care tips for the number you head to when “under stress” as you embody the unhealthy qualities of that number when stressful situations arise. So for example, I’m a Type 2 and when I’m under stress, I take on the unhealthy qualities of a Type 8, so I will benefit from the tips recommended for Type 8s, especially when I’m feeling pressed on all sides. (Check out the Enneagram Institute for a deeper dive into this).

Type 1: what you need ~ carefree time

Getting into a carefree state is important for 1s which is why doing something creative and lighthearted is key. Whether that’s painting, taking a dance class, or watching a comedy show, find what brings you joy and do that! Remember the key is to relax and smile. 🙂

  • Recommended Meditation: non-judgmental mind (10 min)

    • With a loud inner critic, it can be challenging to separate that critical voice from the true self. Recognizing our judgmental tendencies is the first step towards softening them and developing more acceptance, patience, and compassion.

Type 2: what you need ~ alone time

It’s important for 2s to intentionally think of themselves first during the start of the day – a helpful way to do this is to journal and self-reflect – tune in to how your body feels and your emotional state, what do you need in the moment/for the day? You can simply say to yourself “How can I fill my cup up so that I can help others?”

  • Recommended Meditation: loving-kindness (10 min)

    • It’s natural for 2s to express their affection towards others but turning it inward can be foreign. A guided meditation on practicing self-love helps 2s to recognize the importance of showing kindness towards themselves and how it helps those around them.

Type 3: what you need ~ to find balance

Setting healthy boundaries with work and free time is important. Create dedicated time to simply be, turning off the digital world (social media, tv, and laptop) and honoring those boundaries. 3s enjoy having a “to-do” list so create an item that’s called “free time” and allot a set time during the day to shift from doing to being. You can do whatever your heart desires that has no agenda tied to it: reading a book for leisure, walk outside just to walk, draw or paint, or simply listen to the birds chirping. Be sure to check it off when it’s over so that you get the positive affirmation your mind needs to see the importance of free time.

Type 4: what you need ~ to be grounded

Any grounding rituals like being in nature or doing yoga, something that grounds you to the earth and to your body will be highly beneficial for 4s. Your creativity and authenticity shine when you are in a state of being deeply rooted, feeling connected to the earth and yourself.

  • Recommended Meditation: be a mountain (7 min)

    • To get grounded, the mountain visualization helps you to root yourself in your true essence, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to get outside to get grounded.

Type 5: what you need ~ to get active

Get active and into your body, whether that’s running, hiking, or doing yoga – find a movement that’s energizing. Another way 5s can practice self-care is to set boundaries with information overload, so setting a time limit on your apps is helpful; what’s even more powerful is to recognize and tell yourself that you already have the information within when you feel the need to continue to research and seek out information.

  • Recommended Meditation: body scan (8 min)

    • A meditation that brings attention to the body will help 5s shift their focus from their mind to their physical being.

Type 6: what you need ~ to release thoughts

Journaling is a wonderful practice 6s can cultivate. Specifically journaling what is true in their life and naming fears – this helps to detach from the fears and get grounded in the present. Building sensory awareness for 6s is the pathway to getting out of the future and into the present moment: smelling a cup of coffee, bringing awareness to the way their clothes feel, listening to the birds outside, these are small moments that trigger the mind to see what is true.

  • Recommended Meditation: awareness of emotions (7 min)

    • This meditation helps to detach from emotions, so that we don’t get caught up in them.

Type 7: what you need ~ to savor

Type 7s have a desire to be satisfied and are full of ideas and adventure. Because 7s look for ways to be entertained and want to live life to its fullest, it’s important to practice complete presence in the here and now and learn to savor the moment. It’s about quality over quantity here. Find something you enjoy but you breeze through it, whether that’s having a meal or going for a walk, instead of thinking of the next thing you can do, bring your complete presence to that moment: notice the colors of the food, taste the flavors and specific spices that arise, look at the trees and listen to the birds are a few examples, but find what’s in your normal routine that brings you joy and practice bringing full awareness to that moment.

  • Recommended Meditation: walking meditation (6 min)

    • For 7s, it can be hard to be still so I encourage you to bring mindfulness into a physical activity like walking. Notice how your body feels as it moves one foot in front of the other. Recognize that in this moment, you have everything you need. I encourage you to listen to this meditation with one headphone or have it on speaker phone so that you can hear what’s around you as well.

Type 8: what you need ~ to relax and be calm

Because 8s are powerful beings and exert energy both mentally and physically, it’s important for them to get grounded and practice stillness. Whatever activity embodies these qualities, whether that’s meditating, going for a hike, fishing, etc., this gives 8s the balance they need to restore their energy so that they don’t become reactive when under stress.

  • Recommended Meditation: sunshine visualization (5 min)

    • Releasing the grip of control is a learned behavior that Type 8s can greatly benefit from. The practice of meditation will help Type 8s to loosen their grip, let go of control, and lean into what is. This energy gets stored in the body so it’s important for 8s to practice easing tension and creating spaciousness for their minds and bodies. With this spaciousness comes freedom, the freedom to choose your response instead of reacting to what is.

Type 9: what you need ~ to rejuvenate

I encourage 9s to find something that energizes them, getting their heart rate up or bringing them joy. Ways that they can do this could be a workout they enjoy or it could mean a create a “win the day” list (action items that they are proud of). Find what works best and remember that it’s about finding something that brings about a sense of empowerment and self-confidence.

  • Recommended Meditation: energized body scan (5 min)

    • I encourage you to practice this meditation in the morning or when you need an afternoon boost.

Visit Kristianna’s blog “Wellness with Kristianna” for more tools and resources to put yourself first and be your happiest, healthiest self.

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