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These 4 Intuition Features Will Help You Nurture Connected and Happy Teams

Virtual Team-Building Activities

A quarter of the U.S. workforce is working remotely today, and many employees are working apart for the first time.

As off-site activities have morphed into on-site virtual hangouts, keeping teams connected, productive, and motivated while working from home is what many organizations struggle with today.

The good news is that you can successfully create an effective group of strong performers with the right team-building activities, and the right collaboration tools to do it, remotely.

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Why Team-Building is Important

Creating engaged employees starts with building a robust work culture remotely. With that being said, team-building is one of the most critical investments you can make in your people, and ultimately, your organization.

Team-building activities have been proven to build healthy work environments by boosting trust and fostering communication and collaboration. Whether it’s through onboarding, weekly hangouts or daily interaction, taking part in regular shared experiences creates more socialization and deeper connections.

These connections help develop the right atmosphere when it comes time to having important conversations and mitigating conflict. Team building efforts lead to engaged employees, and having more engaged people helps your organization’s bottom line.

Nourishing Connection Remotely

Today’s challenge is how to do this with distributed teams, and the challenge is significant: this study shows that in the COVID-19 age, “63% of workers have spent less time socializing with coworkers since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.”

This statistic suggests a few things:

  • Without normal office conversation, companies need to plan and work to give people new opportunities to socialize.
  • Virtual events are required to boost employee connections.
  • Useful collaboration tools and technology are necessary to make these things possible.

It might seem overwhelming, but tackling this doesn’t mean you have to have limitless resources. Taking a few simple measures, and using a workforce engagement platform can help you pull it together.

Intuition is an all-in-one workforce engagement platform that improves cohesion and engagement, helping you nurture and connect your team through four key features:

Feature 1: Robust Dashboard & Activity Feed

Keeping your team connected while working from home is a big challenge. The Intuition dashboard design makes things a little easier, as it lets your team quickly view popular content, sort live sessions by category, and check out what their peers are doing. With live and on-demand content such as educational workshops, fitness classes and personal development sessions, there is something for everyone on the team.

Everyone can see what their coworkers are watching, check out who’s participating live, and join in on the action with a few simple clicks.

Feature 2: Group Video and In-Session Chat

Off-site lunches have turned into virtual book clubs, and with features like chat, leaderboards, goal setting, shout-outs, and awards, Intuition allows your team to celebrate achievements and create a culture where everyone cheers each other along in real-time.

Groups or departments can also watch live sessions or take classes together, chatting with each other as the experience is happening–in a non-disruptive way.

Feature 3: Sort Content by Category

Browse daily, live and upcoming sessions, see content grouped across all five Intuition categories, and RSVP for experiences you want to join. Also, view popular content, and scroll through recently watched videos quickly. Move, Play, Chill, Eat and Thrive with Intuition every day.

Feature 4: New, Fun Challenges

Challenges are a way for employees to compete together. Whether they want to count steps, learn to cook, improve their yoga skills, or meditate, your teams can set their own goals and try new activities each week.

Intuition offers endless fun ideas to engage your community. Launch custom or Intuition provided challenges and watch your team earn points, track their progress, and sit back as your team participates in some healthy competition. From Yoga and Mental Wellness to Gratitude and Planksgiving, Intuition challenge themes are fun and inclusive.

Team-Building in One Spot

Coordinating virtual team-building events across different time zones and setting up the technology to make it all happen is cumbersome without the right tools. Learn more about how we can help you build more engaged and connected employees today.

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