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This Hydration-Boosting Tea Will Fuel You All Day Long

blackberry iced tea

If coffee is the main beverage you’re sipping on all day, every day, it might be time to switch things up. When it comes to keeping your body properly hydrated, Anna Farkas, a holistic health coach, says iced tea is the way to go. “You’ll get a jolt of energy without the acidity coffee has,” […]

These Are the Best Tools to Help You Meditate


Meditating for the first time can be tricky. You’re sitting in silence trying to calm your brain, but your mind is racing with random thoughts about your to-do list and what you need to pick up at the grocery store. If you can’t seem to push the noise away, don’t worry—it’s normal. You just need […]

These Easy Pantry Recipes Put Your Stockpiled Staples to Good Use

Your pantry is a treasure trove of delicious food—you just haven’t realized it yet. Those staples often get outshined by all the mouth-watering options in your fridge. It’s hard to beat that chocolate hummus you can’t seem to put down, after all. But by digging around those shelves, you can create numerous dishes with the […]

How to Practice Mindfulness


It’s easy to live your life on autopilot—especially when your days are spent trapped in your home. You wake up, work, eat, and go to bed. Because of that, some days might not be very memorable at all. But that’s where mindfulness comes in: It allows you to take a step back and be more […]

An Expert Shared Her Top Tips on How to Be More Sustainable at Home

Everyone can make improvements when it comes to how much electricity, water, and waste they use and produce every day—even if that’s something as simple as taking a shorter shower. Especially with all the extra time the world is spending at home lately. During a recent virtual webinar from Intuition, Kristen Fulmer, a New York […]

If You Only Have Time for 5 Yoga Poses, These Are the Ones to Start With


The Top 5 Yoga Poses Yoga is well-known for its many benefits. After even a quick workout, you’ll not only feel lighter mentally—as yoga has been shown to relieve stress, combat anxiety, and boost your mood—but you’ll also feel better physically. Flowing though those poses loosens up your muscles, combats aches and pain, and makes […]

How to Create a Productive Home Workspace, According to a Professional Organizer

Working from home has become the new normal, and that’s not changing anytime soon. “Most major companies are planning to continue remote work through fall of this year,” says Lucy Milligan Wahl, the professional organizer behind LMW Edits. Because of that, creating a home workspace that supports productivity and reduces stress is crucial. A few […]

This Garlic-Peeling Hack Will Save You So Much Time When You’re Cooking

There are plenty of perks to adding fresh garlic to your meals. It’s been shown to boost immunity, banish inflammation, and improve heart health—not to mention make your meals taste amazing. The only problem is peeling garlic can be a pretty time-consuming process. But that’s where this garlic-peeling hack comes in. In a virtual cooking […]

How to Create Healthy Boundaries When You Work Remotely

healthy boundaries at work

It can be really hard to create healthy boundaries when you work remotely. When you work in an office, you can clock out and leave for the day. But when you work from home, you can never really fully escape your workplace. The good news is, with a handful of tips, you’ll be able to […]

The Best Easy-to-Grow Plants to Brighten Up Your Space


There are so many perks to filling your home with plants. Not only does all that greenery instantly brighten up your space, but it can also help clean the air, improve your mood, and reduce stress. Just think about it: The second you walk into a greenhouse, being surrounded by all those plants makes you […]