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3 Questions to Ask Yourself in Order to Create a Rhythm of Self-Care in Your Life

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As nice as it would be to run Energizer Bunny-style all day, every day, you’re only human. And Kristianna George, the certified health and wellness coach behind Wellness with Kristianna, wants you to know that it takes a whole lot more than one vacation a year in order to feel refreshed.

In a recent webinar with Intuition, George had participants rethink the way they’re taking care of themselves. “You wouldn’t let your phone run on one battery charge throughout the whole year. If you did, you would only have it for a day—maybe two, maybe three, depending on how well you preserve it. Think about your life in terms of the battery in your phone,” she says.

In order to create a rhythm of self-care that renews your mind, body, and spirit, George says there are a few things you’ll want to ask yourself.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself in Order to Create a Rhythm of Self-Care

1. How Can You Incorporate Rest?

Think about how you can incorporate rest on a daily, weekly, and monthly rhythm. “What’s something you can do every day that will bring you rest?” she says. They should be things that allow you to recharge and stay happy and energized. Once you figure out what those things are, jot them down and make them a priority.

2. When Was the Last Time You Sat in Silence?

George says it’s important for us to get comfortable with stillness. “If it’s been a while, take some time within the next week to just be,” she says. “It’s a little uneasy at first. It’s an adjustment and it’s a new behavior. Start by setting a timer on your phone for 30 seconds, close your eyes, and focus on your breath.” That silence can do a lot of good for your well-being.

3. Is Your Rest Helping Your Anxieties?

According to George, it’s important to ask yourself if the rest you’re doing is freeing you from the anxieties of the bustling world. “If it’s not, then it’s not rest,” she says. Reevaluate your self-care tactics and choose something that actually makes you feel more rejuvenated. That way, you’ll be able to incorporate true rest into your routine.

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