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3 Tools You Can Use to Better Your Mental Health Right This Second

3 Tools You Can Use to Better Your Mental Health Right This Second

If working on your mental health feels like a job, you’re not alone. It can take a lot of work—especially when you’re not only dealing with your personal life, but also a global pandemic. Talk about trying to keep your head above water.

While managing your mental health can be tricky, there are a lot of resources that are right at your fingertips. It doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with, either. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, burnout, or depression, we’re living in a time where expert advice is only a few taps and swipes away—therapy, included. Here are some of the best tools to use to better your mental health.

These 3 Tools Can Help Better Your Mental Health

1. Virtual Classes

Intuition has many live and on-demand classes led by experts that can help better your mental health. There’s meditations, breathing classes, lessons on how to overcome burnout, and more—all things that will teach you how to handle stress, feel happier, and be healthier overall.

2. Podcasts

There are so many different podcasts that focus on mental health. Options like Feeling Good and The Hardcore Self Help Podcast, for example, allow you to listen to lessons from experts on how to understand your mind better, banish negative thoughts, and overcome issues like anxiety.

3. Apps

There are numerous different apps you can use to help better your mental health. Try Headspace to meditate your stress away, Mind Shift to help ease your anxiety, and even Talkspace, which allows you to speak with an actual therapist through text, audio, or video messages—however you feel most comfortable.

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