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Everyone Needs a Hobby Outside of Work, and Here Are Some Fun Options to Start With

Work can easily become your life, taking up every second of your day—especially when you work at home and there’s no real work-life balance. That’s exactly why every adult needs a hobby—something they can do purely for their own enjoyment. (And nope, that doesn’t include watching Netflix.)

Making time for your hobbies—no matter how busy you are—is beneficial on many fronts. It gives you a break from responsibilities, helps relieve stress, boosts your mental health and happiness, and can even lower your blood pressure and body mass index. Here are some options to get you started.

5 Hobbies You Can Try Right Now

1. Up Your Cooking Skills

Instead of just ordering take-out night after night, unleash your inner professional chef and take your cooking skills to the next level. Watch YouTube videos and learn healthy cooking techniques from the pros, or attend a live virtual cooking class with Intuition.

2. Do Some Painting

You don’t have to paint trees as good as Bob Ross to enjoy painting. Grab some canvases and paint, then let your imagination run wild. No matter what you find yourself painting—whether that’s landscapes, your dog, or a splatter of colors—you’ll have fun. Not to mention reap some stress-busting benefits in the process.

3. Pick Up a New Sport

Now’s the perfect time to learn a new sport. Whether it’s golf, pickleball, or boxing, anything that gets you moving and outside of your house will do your mental and physical health good. Plus, who doesn’t love the challenge of trying to pick up a completely new skill?

4. Learn Some Magic Tricks

Okay, okay—this might sound silly. But what’s more interesting to do with your spare time than learn magicians’ secrets? Spend some time perfecting some tricks, then show them off to your family and friends. That childlike wonder of magic is still very much alive as an adult.

5. Try Gardening

Whether it’s creating a full garden outdoors or getting a bunch of plants for inside your home, taking care of plants is the ultimate mood-lifting hobby. Being able to see your plants flourish is incredibly rewarding, and there’s so much you can learn about different varieties through plant-care books or expert-led classes through Intuition.


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