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In Need of a Healthy Morning Routine? Here’s How Intuition Experts Start Their Days

In Need of a Healthy Morning Routine? Here’s How Intuition Experts Start Their Days

Your morning makes a big difference in how your day goes. When you press snooze a dozen times, practically jump out of bed, and rush off to work, you’re left feeling frazzled. But when you wake up early and allow yourself to go about your morning routine, you’re setting your day up for success.

If you’ve been trying to nail down a healthy morning routine that will leave you feeling happy, energized, and ready to take on the day, leave it to the pros. Here’s how Intuition experts start their day, from sipping golden milk to writing up to-do lists.

The Healthy Morning Routines of Intuition Experts

Sammy Courtright, COO and co-founder of Intuition

“Instead of waking up and rushing to my laptop, I love to take the time every morning to make myself a cup of coffee and prepare a healthy breakfast, whether that’s a green smoothie or avocado toast. I love squeezing in one of Intuition’s on-demand yoga classes, too.”

Megan Cuzzolino, yoga instructor

“I always try to journal before looking at my phone in the morning. I also make sure to drink some water and always add in a bit of lemon and apple cider vinegar to get me going.”

Nicole Roerick, fitness instructor

“I always drink lemon water, move my body with yoga or Pilates, do a short meditation, and make a nice breakfast. I also step outside to get some fresh air and sun on my skin.”

Nicole D., yoga teacher

“I like to start my mornings by drinking golden milk. Then, I practice mindfulness while I take my dog for his first walk of the day. After that, I do some pranayama, practice yoga, mediate, make breakfast, and take a moment to list at least five things that I’m grateful for and five things I can do to help others. It’s worth waking up a little earlier to take some time for yourself in the morning and get started on the right foot.”

Heather Parrish, personal trainer

“Every morning, it’s imperative that I make my bed before I leave my bedroom. It really does make a huge difference when starting my day. Then I immediately brush my teeth and do my morning skincare routine (SPF every day!) to feel awake and ready, even if I’ll be inside with nothing to do. I also change into clothes, even if it’s just a workout outfit. I never let myself stay in my PJs for long.”

Mariana Suarez, yoga instructor

“My morning routine includes doing up to 15 minutes of meditation as soon as I open my eyes. I like to meditate in bed because the mind isn’t fully awake yet, making it easier to fall into a deeper alpha meditation. Next, I wash my face and spray on some rose water before hydrating with coconut facial lotion. Then, I drink a heart-warming tea (usually chai tea, cinnamon, cacao and a little bit of almond milk) while setting an intention for the day and writing down my to-do list. Lastly, I walk my dog for at least 30 minutes and use it as a way to connect fully with my breathing.”


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