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Make Your Breaks Count When Working from Home With These Beneficial Ideas

Make Your Breaks Count When Working from Home With These Beneficial Ideas

How do you spend your work breaks? If your answer is scrolling through Instagram on your phone, grabbing another snack, or watching Netflix, you’re not alone. And while there’s nothing wrong with any of those options, there are some other things you can do to really make your work break count—especially when you’re working from home.

From squeezing in a quick workout to doing a puzzle or craft, these work break ideas will always leave you feeling your best. You’ll be less stressed, happier, and better able to finish out the rest of your workday with a bang.

5 Beneficial Ways to Spend Your Work Breaks

1. Do a Quick Workout

One of the best ways to spend a work break is working up a sweat. Try a video on YouTube or Instagram, or tune into one of Intuition’s live classes, where you can follow along with a trainer in real time. And don’t worry if your schedule doesn’t line up. All classes are available on-demand, too.

2. Go on a Walk

Instead of spending your work break cooped up inside, take a 15-minute walk. Even a quick walk around your neighborhood will help relieve some stress, clear your head, and give you the energy you need to get through the rest of the day.

3. Mediate

Step away from your computer once—or even twice!—a day for a quick meditation session. You can follow along with an app, or access one of Intuition’s live or on-demand meditation classes. It’s even beneficial to simply close your eyes and breathe. By the time you open your eyes again, you’ll feel much lighter.

4. Do a Craft

Who says you can’t craft in the middle of your workday? Use your break to do something you love that has nothing to do with your job. Color in an adult coloring book, paint a picture, or work on a furniture restoration project. Doing something creative is the ultimate midday mood-booster.

5. Do a Puzzle

Give your eyes a break from the computer screen and step away to work on a puzzle whenever you need a minute to recharge. Not only does it give your eyes some much-needed relief, but it’s also been found to help relieve stress and anxiety. A true win-win.


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