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These Easy Pantry Recipes Put Your Stockpiled Staples to Good Use

Your pantry is a treasure trove of delicious food—you just haven’t realized it yet. Those staples often get outshined by all the mouth-watering options in your fridge. It’s hard to beat that chocolate hummus you can’t seem to put down, after all. But by digging around those shelves, you can create numerous dishes with the items that have been collecting dust for months.

Whether it’s a can of black beans, box of brown rice, or the chickpea pasta you swore you’d eat but haven’t tried yet, these pantry recipes have you covered. They’ll save you money, make you feel great, and don’t require stepping foot outside your home. Aka there’s no need to change out of your daytime PJs… not yet, anyway.

Use These 10 Easy Pantry Recipes to Create Healthy Meals

Quesadillas with Easy Cashew Cheese

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No cheese on hand? Make a quesadilla filling using the cashews in your pantry instead. You’ll be shocked to find out it’s just as creamy and satisfying as the real thing.

Peanut Butter Stuffed No-Bake Cookie Bites

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Dessert just got a whole lot better thanks to these no-bake cookie bites. Requiring simple ingredients like rolled oats, almonds, and peanut butter, you’ll be left with a healthy treat to enjoy during your movie nights.

Chickpea Tacos

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Chickpeas are about to become your new favorite taco filling. All you need to do is sauté them with a handful of spices and you’re good to go.

Spicy Vegan Mac and Cheese

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Add some spice to your life with this mac and cheese that requires zero dairy. Nutritional yeast is responsible for the cheesy flavor, and the creaminess comes from your non-dairy milk of choice.

Chocolate Chip Tahini Mug Cake

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Mug cakes are always a good idea—especially when they use pantry staples. This one—which contains almond flour, sugar, chocolate chips, and tahini—is ready to eat in five minutes flat.

Simple Burrito Bowl

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This super-simple burrito bowl only requires a handful of pantry staples, including brown rice, canned pinto beans, salsa, and canned corn. You can add fresh items like lettuce and avocado if they’re available to you, but leaving them out doesn’t affect the great taste.

The Best Lentil Soup

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Lentils are loaded with hearty plant-based protein (up to 50 grams per cup!), and you can put them to good use in this soup recipe. It primarily uses ingredients you’ll find in your pantry or spice rack, and it’s so filling that you’ll have leftovers for days.

Garlic Cream Sauce with Pasta

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Instead of slathering your spaghetti noodles with tomato sauce, switch things up with this dairy-free garlic cream sauce that only requires a handful of ingredients. Extra bonus: It only takes 15 minutes tops to make.

5-Ingredient Veggie Burgers

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There are two prime ingredients in these veggie burgers: black beans and rolled oats. After piling on all your favorite toppings, you’ll forget you’re even eating a meatless meal in the first place. You can also make a big batch of patties and eat throughout the week in salads, tacos, pasta dishes, and beyond.

Vegetarian Tex-Mex Pantry Pizza

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Is there a better way to use up your pantry goodies than making pizza? These aren’t your traditional toppings, but the Tex-Mex spin—which features pinto beans and salsa—is a must-try.


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