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These Organization Tips Will Take Your Home from Cluttered to Clean in Minutes


Go From Cluttered to Clean in Minutes

No good comes out of a cluttered home. Aside from having to deal with those messy drawers and piles of laundry on the daily, you could also be hurting both your mental and physical health.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, clutter in the home can cause you to become chronically distracted, overwhelmed, stressed, and even sick. With how easily dust piles up on things, you could be worsening your allergies or asthma without even realizing it.

While getting your home organized is easier said than done—not to mention exhausting!—there are small things you can do right now that will help you clean up some of the messiest areas. Here are five home organization tips to start with.

5 Home Organization Tips You Haven’t Tried Yet

1. Use Container Organizers in Every Drawer

Everyone has a junk drawer. And typically, those drawers just have loose items floating around everywhere—hence why it got so messy in the first place. Make sure you’re putting some sort of container organizer in every drawer. If everything has a place, you’ll know exactly where it goes. You’ll also be less likely to just toss random objects in there.

2. Utilize the Backs of Doors

If you’re not utilizing the backs of your doors to stay organized, it’s time to start. You can use an over-the-door hook hanger in your closet to hang up your belts, hats, and accessories, or a hanging shoe organizer on the back of your cleaning closet door to store your sprays and other cleaning supplies. You can even utilize the back of your pantry door with over-the-door shelves that have plenty of room for spices, condiments, and beyond.

3. Use Tiered Hangers in Your Closet

If your clothes are all jammed together to the point where you can barely see what you have, first get rid of the things you don’t wear—then keep your wardrobe organized with tiered hangers. Whether you’re looking to organize your pants or your shirts, storing your clothes vertically rather than just horizontally clears up more space than you’d think.

4. Put a Lazy Susan in Your Fridge and Pantry

You know those rotating trays typically used in the middle of kitchen tables? Well, Lazy Susans work great in fridges and pantries, too. When you put your spices, nut butters, and condiments on it, you’re able to quickly spin it around to find what you need—no making a mess in the process.

5. Buy Some Under-Sink Storage Essentials

The space under your sink can get really unorganized, really quickly. It’s a place you kind of just toss things—be it plastic grocery bags or dish soap—without much thought. Luckily, there are options that hook right over the cupboard door, allowing you to keep track of your essentials. You can also get storage containers for inside as well, giving garbage bags and other must-haves a home.


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