This Technique Will Help Calm Your Mind and Relax Your Body in Seconds

The next time you’re feeling stressed, simply tap it away. In a webinar for Intuition, Suzanne Gundersen, the natural stress mentor behind Transformed Connections, discussed neutro-tapping, or EFT tapping—a “self-use acupressure technique that helps calm the mind and relaxes the body,” she says. “When you use your fingertips to tap on specific energy points, it helps shift how you feel and experience your body, your emotions, and your thinking.”

When you tap points like your eyebrows and collarbone, Gundersen says it directly affects the brain and nervous system. “Simply put, it relaxes the stress pathways and opens up new pathways,” she says. And while tapping is rooted in Chinese medicine, Gundersen’s specific technique—which she calls neuro-energy tapping—involves what she calls the “3 M’s” of tapping: momentum, meaning, and memory.

Whenever you want to get started, practicing her neuro-tapping technique is simple—all you need are your fingers. Here’s her exact routine to follow along with. Soon enough, you’ll have it memorized and can use it anytime you want.

How to Use Neuro-Tapping

1. Take a second to focus on something that is bothering you.

2. Take two fingers (like your pointer finger and middle finger) and think about what’s bothering you as you tap each of the below points 5 to 10 times each. While you’re tapping, repeat out loud or to yourself “Let it go.”

-between your eyebrows
-the side of your eye by your temples
-under your eye on the top of your cheekbone
-on your collarbones
-take one hand and squeeze the opposite wrist three or four times, then take a deep breath

3. Repeat for a few rounds, or until you feel a shift.

You can go back and forth between tapping while thinking about what’s bothering you to thinking about a happy memory, something you love, or something that makes you feel good. While you’re tapping, think about how wonderful that feeling is. “Go back to the thing that’s bothering you and notice the difference,” she says. Chances are, you’ll be feeling a lot more calm and peaceful.

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