5 Virtual Activities You Can Do With Your Team For the Holidays

Most people can agree that it’s fun to be at the office around the holidays. Everyone is cheery, and there’s an endless amount of festive baked goods in the break room… what more could you want? With everyone working remotely this year, getting in the holiday spirit isn’t the easiest feat. That’s where these ideas come in.

Get your team excited with some fun—and, of course, a little cheesy—virtual holiday activities. From a cookie decorating contest to virtual Secret Santa, there’s no reason why this holiday season can’t be just as fun as those in the past.

Interested in hosting a virtual holiday party this year? Check out Intuition’s virtual holiday party experience packages and how you can celebrate the season with your team.

5 Virtual Activities to Do With Your Team for the Holidays

1. Holiday Happy Hour

Not just any Happy Hour, though. Have your team attend one of Intuition’s virtual happy hours, where everyone can have a good time crafting a delicious cocktail together. You might even pick up some new skills along the way, like how to muddle your fruit properly. Our virtual happy hour platform makes it easy for the whole team to get together, even while apart!

2. Play Some Games

You’d be surprised at how many virtual games you can play with your team. Jackbox, for instance, has drawing games, trivia, and writing games that multiple different people can play. You can also play bingo using Bingo Maker, or games like backgammon and chess through the website Playing Cards.

3. Holiday Cookie Decorating

Invite your team to a virtual Great British Bake Off-esque holiday cookie decorating event. After you’re done baking and decorating your goodies, see whose creation has the most holiday spirit—then gift the winner with a gift card to a coffee shop as a prize.

4. Attend a Virtual Event Together

You may not be able to attend an event with your team in person, but it’s easy to plan a fun virtual gathering, too. Intuition has a new line-up of virtual team events every week. Plan on doing something together that everyone can enjoy, like attending a comedy show or listening to live music.

5. Host a Secret Santa

Have everyone put on their ugliest Christmas sweaters and attend a virtual Secret Santa party. Beforehand, send names to whoever wants to be involved and a gift amount limit—say $20. Then either have employees send gifts to that person via the mail to be opened during the party, or send a virtual gift, like a gift card.

Opening everything together on Zoom can be a fun way to bring everyone together, as well as lift your team’s spirits over the holiday.

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