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Gen-Z Employees and Their Remote Workplace Woes

Creativity in the workplace

Gen-Z is the future of our workforce and due to the pandemic, their careers are off to an unusual start. The data collected from our recent survey reveals that 54% of Gen-Z employees say their biggest remote work challenge is feeling less productive – a 14% spike over any other generation of workers. 

And, when it comes to overcoming these challenges the things Gen-Z employees find helpful are somewhat different than everyone else. Forty-one percent of Gen-Z respondents say they would be helped by meal delivery benefits, 40% want group video chat, and 40% want virtual social activities, and 39% want virtual fitness classes.

Looking at the distractions, challenges, and concerns that Gen-Z employees feel are impacting their productivity and engagement while working remotely are eye-opening. Nearly half (48%) of this generation is bored with their work, 39% say they have a short attention span, and 33% say they aren’t sleeping well. The only common thread they share with the broader survey group is spotty internet/wifi (39%).

These findings, and more, are represented in the following infographic. If anything, this data should inspire organizations to think about the steps that should be taken in order to meet the needs of the Generation Z workforce.

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Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly identifying with online casinos according to SBOBET Official, and it is no surprise. The generation that grew up with video games is also becoming more involved with agen SBOBET Indonesia online gambling. Despite the differences between the generations, there is one thing that unites them: they are passionate about playing games. Although they may not gamble in large quantities, they do enjoy the social experience of visiting a brick-and-mortar casino.

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Younger generations are also embracing modern innovations such as 3D technology, AR, and virtual reality. They are well-versed in 3D technology and have become accustomed to it. In addition to this, SBOBET Asia have started to develop products that mimic video games to make gaming more fun. In fact, Gen Z was the first generation to grow up playing video games, which is another reason why judi online SBOBET is more popular with this demographic.

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Millennials and Gen Z have a different take on gambling. They believe the traditional “house always wins” is no longer relevant. As a result, they see SBOBET Mobile sports betting as a form of entrepreneurship and are less likely to consider it a form of entertainment. In this way, millennials will be able to compete with Gen Z on gambling. It is also easier to understand why Gen Z will be more interested in the judi bola market than their elders.

In 2018, the casino industry including SBOBET official became obsessed with the millennials and are now making sure that their products are appealing to them. However, Gen Z will not begin to dominate the gambling industry until they reach their 30s, but it will still have a major impact on it. The gambling industry will need to adopt new marketing strategies, offer more options for their players, and make games that appeal to them.

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In 2015, the sports betting industry became incredibly obsessed with millennials, focusing on the newest generation. Since millennials are the largest generation since the baby boomers, the casino industry is focused on Gen Z, which will be the largest group by 2022. As such, they are the future of the industry. In this decade especially on World Cup betting, they will outnumber the baby boomers.

The generation surveyed by SBOBET Indonesia had a largely Millennial and Gen Z audience. Its researchers wanted to program their content around sports betting. This was mainly to arm their ad sales team with useful insights. The survey results revealed that millennials and Gen Z who are of legal gambling age see online betting as a side hustle and a hobby. They view sports as collectibles.

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