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How Intuition Recognizes and Rewards Employees

recognize and reward employees

The way companies recognize and reward their employees has changed a lot this year with everything going virtual. But doing so is crucial—even more so when you’re dealing with a remote workplace.

In Intuition’s employee engagement survey, 39 percent of employees said rewards from their manager and/or employer are what would help them feel more connected and engaged while working remotely. And the reason why is simple: When everyone is working from home and work-life balance has become a thing of the past, you don’t get recognized nearly as often for your achievements. And that recognition goes a long way: It keeps employees motivated, happy at work, and allows them to do their best work.

Intuition’s platform doesn’t just help create connections and increase employee engagement—it also helps employers easily recognize and reward employees. Here’s how your team can benefit.

3 Ways Intuition Recognizes and Rewards Employees

1. Social Connections

Because it’s so easy to connect on Intuition’s platform, it’s also easy to cheer each other on. The features that create the celebratory culture are the chat, leaderboards, goal setting, shout-outs, and rewards, all of which allow teams to acknowledge every achievement, no matter how big or small they may be.

2. Challenges

Intuition’s Challenges foster friendly competition amongst coworkers. Through that competition, employees also come together. Every team can set its own goal, whether that’s walking a certain number of steps a week or doing a daily meditation—and you can cheer each other on every step of the way. Whenever your team or an employee reaches a goal, there’s yet another reason to celebrate.

3. Insights

Intuition’s analytics allow you to easily track employee engagement across all teams, departments, and locations. By doing so, no achievement ever gets lost in the shuffle, allowing all successes to be recognized and rewarded.


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