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How to Foster Creativity in a Hybrid Workforce

Creative work in the workplace
Many organizations have adopted hybrid workforces where employees work from home and offices, how do you keep employees engaged?

How to Foster Creativity in a Hybrid Workforce

In today’s world, the concept of “workplace” has been redefined due to the pandemic. Many organizations have adopted hybrid workforces where employees work from home and offices interchangeably. This can be advantageous for companies as employees can work flexibly and save time and expenses. However, fostering creativity and promoting collaboration in a hybrid workforce can be challenging. Here’s how TeamBuilder can help:

1. User Guides

When onboarding new team members, it can be challenging to get them to feel comfortable with the team. User Guides, a feature of TeamBuilder, can automate the onboarding process and help you gather information on your team member’s interests for data analytics. New employees can answer a set of User Guides questions, and see how everyone else responded as well. Breaking the ice will help team members discover what they have in common and will help with a positive start to team collaborations.

2. Banter

Good conversations lead to better teamwork. In a hybrid workforce, there may not be many in-person opportunities for employees to engage in conversation outside of work meetings. Banter, a feature of TeamBuilder, can help foster positive and unique check-in questions to keep the lines of communication open.

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3. ShoutOuts

Employee recognition encourages accountability and increases employee engagement. Shoutouts, a feature of TeamBuilder, allows team members to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and commitments to your company values. By creating a culture that values and uplifts team spirit, a hybrid workforce can maintain a positive attitude and promote collaboration.

4. Challenges

The Challenges feature in TeamBuilder is an opportunity to set up company- and department-wide challenges that promote teambuilding, health, and wellness, and can increase awareness of particular topics. By gamifying initiatives, employees can feel more engaged and find themselves working together towards a shared goal, and challenges are a great way to make that happen.

5. Integration

Communication platforms are essential for companies with hybrid workforces. Integrating TeamBuilder with platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams simplifies the process of creating and conducting the team-building activities, and ensures that team members don’t have to switch between multiple platforms.

Fostering creativity and promoting collaboration in a hybrid workforce is challenging. TeamBuilder helps to bridge this gap through its many features for building trust, boosting engagement, setting up gamified goals promoting overall team wellness, and integrating with existing communication platforms. Start tackling the challenges of a hybrid workforce with TeamBuilder and build a productive and dynamic workforce.

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