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Start Collaborating with Intuition: 5 Tips to Get Started

Start collaborating with Intuition

If you’re not already familiar with Intuition, you’ll be glad to read this article. If you’re already using Intuition, keep reading – you might learn some new ways to bring your team together.

What is Intuition?

As workforces have become even more distributed, employees crave leadership, stability, and social connection. However, most companies struggle to connect on-site and remote teams, leading to decreased productivity and increased attrition.

Intuition is the all-in-one workplace engagement platform that allows you to create a culture of learning, social engagement, and productivity all through one tool.

How Does Intuition Work?

Intuition allows everyone to connect and socialize effectively together–from participating in workouts or classes with colleagues to live chatting and friendly competitions. It brings teams together all in one spot to help companies build positive cultures.

Get Started with Intuition

Intuition prioritizes good communication, celebrates successes, and keeps things lively, leading to connected and happier teams. And we believe happy people do good things.

Get started with Intuition and learn core features to:

  • Keep everybody on the same page
  • Manage the big picture
  • Make remote collaboration as engaging as face-to-face hangouts at the office water cooler

Tip #1: Follow the Activity Feed

To kick things off, help your employees get to know their colleagues, boost their productivity, and try new things by scanning the dashboard’s Activity Feed.

The Activity Feed is a running list of updates that tells you who on your team is doing what. Your employees can see who’s watching live sessions, who’s logged points for a Challenge, and which experiences their coworkers plan to attend. The best part? They can join in on the sessions as they scroll.

Tip #2: RSVP for Upcoming Sessions in Bulk and Watch Sessions Together

From baking a chocolate souffle to stretch and restore yoga – it’s easy to navigate the dashboard of live sessions. To speed things up, your team can reserve their spot for multiple sessions, hit the RSVP button while they browse, and click ‘Add to Calendar.’ We suggest building a calendar and planning out which services your team will watch together with colleagues each week/month.

Tip #3: Join Group Chats and Watch Live Sessions with Your Coworkers

Your team can participate with coworkers and remote colleagues to hold real-time sweat sessions or workout at their own pace with people from different time zones. Whether the goal is related to fitness or professional development, inviting groups of workers to participate will give everyone a little support and keep intentions in check.

Tip #4: Catch up on Something You Missed

Our on-demand library is available to your team to sort and view sessions by activity type. If someone can’t make a session or simply forgets, they can pick a recorded video from our growing library and keep their health and overall wellness goals moving along. There is no need to start from scratch.

Tip #5: Connect to Apps and Your Wearable Device

Have a Step Challenge with your team? Connect your Apple Watch to Intuition, and start logging your steps in real-time. Intuition also has partnerships with wellness apps targeted toward workplaces so that you can support your team’s well-being across financial wellness to nutrition or everything in between. These features will keep your team’s wellness goals balanced and help everyone stay connected.

Connect and Do More in One Spot

We’re always evolving, and so are our services. Have feature recommendations, questions or just want to chat? We want to hear from you because your feedback shapes our future!
For more great team-building activities, be sure to sign-up for our free 30-min webinar on November 11, 2020.

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