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Ten Reasons Why Customers Use Intuition

You already know Intuition’s workforce engagement platform is the best way to help your team connect and come together during this time when everyone feels so far apart. But why else are customers using it? Well, there are many—but we’ll give you 10.

If you’re considering jumping on board, here’s exactly what you—and your team!—will have to look forward to.

10 Reasons Why Customers Use Intuition

1. It’s easy and uncomplicated to use.

If there are two things everyone can agree on, it’s that platforms that are easy and uncomplicated to use are always better. Not only will your team be up and running on Intuition in a matter of minutes—it’s also really simple to navigate once you’re in, allowing you to connect, engage, and manage both remote and on-site employees with ease.

2. It helps keep employees happy.

Work-from-home life isn’t particularly easy, as the sense of community and perks of being at an office are lost. That’s where Intuition comes in. Using the platform can help increase employee happiness, increase productivity, and boost retention in today’s new normal. It brings people together in a world where everyone feels very apart.

3. You’ll never get bored.

Intuition offers daily live services across five different categories: move, play, chill, eat, and thrive. You’ll always have a fresh rotation of new content, from expert-led webinars to workout and cooking classes. There’s something for everyone, and the variety is unmatched.

4. You can use it on all of your devices.

When you use Intuition, you’re not just limited to your computer. The platform can also be used on desktop or mobile devices, like your iPhone, Android phone, or an iPad. That means you can stay connected with ease, wherever you are.

5. It creates togetherness.

Intuition is great at bringing coworkers together, allowing you to attend and enjoy live events as a group. As you’re watching, there’s also group chats that up the participation and engagement factor even more, allowing you to talk to each other while you’re in a session.

6. It helps you measure employee engagement.

There’s never been an easier way to measure employee engagement. With Intuition, you’re able to get insights through a centralized dashboard, see real-time analytics, and even run surveys. You can also track employee sentiment and measure connections created across all of your teams, departments, and locations.

7. There are team-building activities.

Team-building when you’re remote is totally possible thanks to Intuition. Coworkers are able to bond through team-building activities and virtual events, and the Challenges feature lets employees complete together in a fun, healthy way. Your teams can even set their own goals and try something new every week, be it learning to cook, counting steps, or meditating.

8. You’re able to integrate with third-party apps.

Intuition’s specialty is creating connections, and that applies to connecting with third-party apps and popular wearable devices, too. This allows your team even more access to financial wellness, mindfulness, and nutritional programming.

9. You’ll always be engaged.

You’ll never be bored when using Intuition. There’s an endless amount of engaging content, including a fresh weekly line-up of live events, a library of on-demand videos, a blog, and other resources. There’s something for everyone, making sure everyone on your team finds topics and trends they care about.

10. There’s opportunities to learn.

No one should ever stop learning, no matter their age. Intuition makes that easy by connecting you with experts across a wide range of specialties, from fitness to personal development. One day, you might learn how to cook from a world-renowned chef, and the next you could be getting tips on how to finally ask for that raise.

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