The Easiest Ways to Stay Engaged When Working Remotely

It’s hard to stay engaged when working remotely. How can you when you go from being surrounded by team members every day to typing away all alone in your home?

Since this new way of working will continue being the norm for many, even as the world opens back up, it’s important to make sure you always feel like part of the team from afar. If you’ve been struggling with staying engaged when working remotely, start with these four easy methods.

  1. Schedule Fun Work Functions

One of the easiest ways to stay engaged when working from home is to ensure there’s always something fun on the calendar that you and your colleagues can look forward to. Especially since typical after-work happy hours have become a thing of the past. Intuition  has weekly live music, comedy shows, and other fun happenings your team can tune into.

  1. Skip the Blank Screens

It’s easy to get in the habit of shutting off your video during Zoom meetings. But if half your team has them on and half has them off, be part of the half that’s getting some face time. Not only will it show your team members that you’re engaged, but it will also make you feel like more of a team player—even if that means having to wear something nicer than your pajamas to work.

  1. Keep Those Coffee Dates Going Strong   

Remember getting coffee or lunch with coworkers? Yeah, feels like years ago. Get that interaction back into your life by scheduling virtual coffee dates or lunches with your co-workers a couple times a week. It will bring back those feelings of togetherness, even when you’re no longer in the same space every day.

  1. Get Involved

Just because you’re no longer in the office doesn’t mean you can’t still stay involved. In fact, there’s no better time than now to step it up and increase your involvement even more. Be one of the first to volunteer to lead the next Zoom meeting, and suggest fun activities for your team, like attending a virtual yoga class together. No matter how you get involved, it will keep you—and others—feeling engaged from afar.


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