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Using May the Fourth Star Wars Day in Team Building

May the Fourth may seem like just a fun holiday for Star Wars fans, but it can also be a powerful tool for team building.
May the Fourth in TeamBuilding

The Force is Strong with May the Fourth: How Star Wars Day Can Help Build a Stronger Team

May the Fourth, also known as Star Wars Day, is a beloved observance for fans of the epic space saga. But did you know that May the Fourth can also be a powerful tool for team building? Our TeamBuilder platform offers a suite of innovative tools and features to help managers build and strengthen teams, and using Star Wars Day as a fun and unique theme can help create shared experiences and increase engagement among team members.

User Guides

Start the day off with a fun User Guides related to all things Star Wars. Ask team members what their favorite character is or which movie is their favorite. Not only will this help team members bond over a shared interest, but it will also help managers gather data on their team members’ interests for future use.

Team Building with Star Wars


Create a challenge for team members to complete throughout the day. For example, create a scavenger hunt with Star Wars-themed clues around the office or have a trivia contest with Star Wars questions. This will not only create a fun and engaging shared experience but will also help team members work together to achieve a common goal.

Star Wars Day


Allow team members to publicly recognize each other with Star Wars-themed ShoutOuts that are directly tied to the expression of corporate values. For example, a team member who showed exceptional leadership skills could receive a “May the Force Be With You” ShoutOut for embodying the value of teamwork.

Team Building with Star Wars

Pulse Surveys

Use the opportunity of Star Wars Day to ask your team members how they are feeling and what they enjoyed about the day’s events. This will help managers gather feedback on what worked well and what could be improved for future team building activities.

1:1 Planner

Managers can use the insights gathered from the day’s events to plan future 1:1 meetings that will continue to strengthen team relationships and improve engagement.


Keep the Star Wars Day spirit alive with fun and unique check-in questions personalized to team members’ experiences with the franchise. Ask questions like “Which Star Wars character would you want by your side in a battle?” or “What’s your favorite Star Wars quote?” This will encourage team members to share their interests and experiences with each other, building trust and further strengthening relationships.

Team Building with Star Wars

May the Fourth may seem like just a fun holiday for Star Wars fans, but it can also be a powerful tool for team building. By using the day’s events as a theme for our innovative suite of tools and features on the TeamBuilder platform, managers can create shared experiences and stronger relationships among their teams.

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