Why your company needs a corporate social network

Create teams that last
Where remote work is becoming more common, building a strong company culture has become a priority for many companies.

Why Your Company Needs a Corporate Social Network

In today’s world, where remote work is becoming more common, building a strong company culture has become a priority for many companies. Corporate social networks can help in this effort by allowing employees to interact outside of formal work relationships, strengthening personal connections and building camaraderie. Additionally, a corporate social network can help companies identify and nurture talent across departments, enhance communication and boost employee retention. TeamBuilder, a new SaaS online platform, is an excellent tool for creating a social network where managers can build and strengthen teams through a suite of innovative features.

Social Networks don't work for work.

Why the major social networks don’t work for work


  • Too personal – it’s not appropriate to “friend” all my co-workers
  • Not private – employees’ information is sold to the highest bidder


  • Too antiseptic – it’s a professional resume & network site
  • Not built for internal corporate use

All social networks

  • Too public – private corporate information is openly accessible
  • Uncontrolled – companies do not guide the conversation
  • Unsecure – Who has access to this data? Is it secure?

Creating Bonds through User Guides and Banter

TeamBuilder features User Guides, a tool that helps welcome new team members to the team. It can automate the onboarding process for managers and help them understand their team members’ interests. Banter is another feature that encourages conversation among team members by asking fun check-in questions based on their experiences with the help of AI. These features can help build strong personal connections, a critical foundational element of a supportive team culture.

Virtual water cooler topics

Supporting Corporate Initiatives through Challenges

TeamBuilder includes “Challenges,” where managers can set up gamified activities to support corporate initiatives such as health and wellness, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and employee training. The platform provides curated, low-distraction, and highly engaging activities that can benefit the individual participating in them as well as the team as a whole. These challenges can also help create commonality and shared goals within the organization.

Recognizing and Appreciating Team Members through ShoutOuts

Recognizing and appreciating the contributions of team members is crucial to building a positive work culture. TeamBuilder’s ShoutOut feature enables employees to recognize each other publicly. These shoutouts can be tied directly to corporate values and shared with the team to celebrate colleagues. This feature encourages and promotes positivity, gratitude, and recognition within the team.

Create teams that last

Maintaining a Healthy Workplace Environment with Pulse Surveys

To maintain a healthy workplace environment, regular feedback is critical. The TeamBuilder platform includes eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) surveys, which use generative AI to distill and analyze data, making it actionable. This feature gives managers insight into how their team is feeling and contributes to developing constructive conversations.

Integrations and Bespoke Videos for Professional and Personal Growth

TeamBuilder can be easily integrated with communication platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, providing advanced team building features in one place. Moreover, the platform has a collection of bespoke videos covering various topics, including stress management, workplace productivity, cooking, and cultural intelligence, making it an excellent tool for individual professional and personal development.

Building a strong company culture that fosters support, collaboration, and growth is an ongoing effort, particularly with remote work’s increasing prevalence. A corporate social network that includes innovative tools can be an effective way for managers to achieve their goals. With TeamBuilder’s suite of features that cater to various needs, managers can strengthen their teams and build stronger bonds to achieve better outcomes.


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