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Elevate DEI in Your Workplace

We are happy to announce our new Generative AI powered chatbot: DEIAllytm. DEIAlly is a revolutionary tool dedicated to advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in your organization.
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If your job description includes: Design and implement DEI programs and initiatives, develop and deliver training programs to increase awareness and understanding of DEI issues among employees, and foster an inclusive culture through employee engagement?

DEIAlly is your Ally in achieving your DEI Goals

DEIAlly is a specially-trained Generative AI chatbot that can help you develop diversity training and education, review and update your company's practices, policies, and benefits to be more inclusive, get inspiration for your next DEI initiative, inspire your ERGs, and much more.




The most common DEI corporate initiatives often include strategies and programs designed to foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. While there are numerous types of initiatives that companies may undertake, some of the more prevalent ones include:

Communicate with Inclusive Language

Diversity Training and Education

Offering training sessions that focus on topics such as unconscious bias, cultural competence, inclusive leadership, and allyship to increase awareness and knowledge among employees at all levels.

Implementing hiring practices aimed at reducing bias and increasing the diversity of candidate pools. This may involve partnerships with diverse professional organizations, diverse slating requirements, and training for recruiters and hiring managers.

Supporting groups that provide a space for employees from underrepresented groups or those with shared interests or characteristics to connect and support each other within the company. ERGs also often play a role in advising the company on diversity issues.

Establishing programs that create opportunities for mentorship, professional development, and networking, especially for underrepresented employees, to aid in career progression and personal growth.

Revising company policies and benefits to be more inclusive, such as offering equitable parental leave, accommodating religious practices, or providing health benefits that cater to the needs of diverse employees.

Conducting regular pay equity analyses to ensure that employees are being compensated fairly across the organization, regardless of their gender, race, or other characteristics. This often involves adjusting compensation structures if disparities are found.

Redesigning performance evaluation criteria and processes to minimize bias and ensure evaluations are based on objective measures of performance.

Developing programs that seek to do business with and procure goods and services from minority-owned, women-owned, LGBTQ+-owned, veteran-owned, and other underrepresented business enterprises.

Working to ensure that physical spaces, technology, and communications are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Appointing leaders, such as Chief Diversity Officers, and creating councils or task forces to oversee DEI efforts and hold the organization accountable for progress.

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DEI Chat

What can you do with DEIAlly?

🌐 Instant DEI Insights: Get immediate, accurate responses to your DEI queries, fostering a more inclusive culture.

🕒 Available Around the Clock: Our AI assistant is on hand 24/7 to assist with any DEI questions, supporting continuous learning and understanding.

📝 Inclusive Language Review: DEIAlly can analyze content for inclusivity, adhering to guidelines like the APA.

🎓 Diversity Training Suggestions: Receive monthly recommendations for Diversity Training and Education activities.

👥 Recruitment and Hiring Insights*: Get an AI perspective on enhancing your recruiting practices for inclusivity.

🤝 Mentorship Program Design*: Let the chatbot guide you in creating effective mentorship or sponsorship programs.

📊 Policy and Benefits Review*: Evaluate your policies and benefits for inclusiveness with AI assistance.

💵 Pay Equity Analysis*: Analyze pay equity across your organization with data-driven insights.

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