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Bring back the mighty Water Cooler to your Hybrid Workforce!

Remember the days of meeting with your team mates and discussing hot topics around the water cooler?

Banter brings the water cooler back!

Virtual water cooler topics
Water Cooler Topic Generator

Like 'Baked Goods', just way more...

Good conversation gets people talking. Great conversation keeps people talking. Give your team members something to talk about by asking fun and unique check-in questions.

Improve company culture by bringing people together. Employee engagement helps build trust among your team. With the demands of various internal and external projects, trust is crucial.


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How Banter works

Banter brings back the Water Cooler experience for hybrid workforces. With its fun and light-hearted tone, employees can connect and share, building community even when remote. Banter also integrates with Slack, making it easy to stay engaged. Features like GIFs and emojis make conversations enjoyable, ensuring that employees stay connected.

Get on board!

It's as easy as pie!

Sign up or sign in to your existing TeamBuilder account and make friends with either Slack or Microsoft Teams. We play well with both!

Slack teams
Microsoft Teams
Create Water Cooler
Add who you want to your team

Choose Your Tribe

Here's where you get to mix and match.

Create unique teams for various channels or opt for the all-inclusive Team Everyone (yes, it’s for everyone!). Simply assign your team a Slack or Microsoft Teams channel, and give Banter the green light.

Tailor Your Topics

Dive into the ocean of ideas.

Select from our thoughtfully curated topics or, if you’re feeling creative, design and schedule your own custom topics. Here’s a pro-tip: keep your topics casual and light-hearted, just like a watercooler chat!

Create your own topics, or use ours
Slack teams
Microsoft Teams
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Ignite Conversations

And let the sparks of fun fly!

Topics are sent straight to your chosen communication platform, ready to kickstart the chatter. Be the conversation leader and inspire your teams to join in the fun.

Banter is FREE!

Banter, which is a part of the TeamBuilder suite was built from the ground up to take on the new challenges of building quality teams in the new normal of work environments. We use leading AI technology to give you more of the insights you need to build the teams you want.
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