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Considering Simpplr for your company's intranet?

Add TeamBuilder, an integrated social network add-on for your employees.

Unlike traditional intranets, an intranet with TeamBuilder isn’t a one-way communication channel or just a repository for documents and forms. It’s a vibrant, engaging space where every employee can feel seen, heard, and valued. 

It’s a platform designed for the people that make up your organization, not just the work they do.

Remote workforce engagement

A corporate intranet is great for sharing information and collaborating on projects. But how well does it help your team members truly connect with one another?

The problem

  • A traditional corporate intranet serves the purpose of information dissemination. However, in a post-COVID-19 world, companies need a more dynamic, engaging, and social way to bring their teams together.
  • With all of the ‘app for that’ solutions, there are just too many logins. This leads to low adoption.
  • Traditional intranet solutions are a one-way communication channel or just a repository for documents and forms.
  • Slack/Teams do enable remote work; however, these tools do not help us forge real connections within the workforce.
Virtual water cooler topics

A Corporate Social Intranet can strengthen your team, and increase productivity

Team Builder - Intelligent Team Building

The intranet addition to build your team socially Teambuilder as a Corporate Social Network

Build teams socially

People are inherently social, which explains the viral growth of social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Companies need social networks, too, now more than ever in our post-COVID hybrid work environment.
  • Welcome new hires warmly to foster a sense of belonging.
  • Allow new employees to see the responses of other team members to these User Guides questions.
  • Use User Guides questions as a part of the onboarding process to initiate conversations and camaraderie, and uncover common interests or differing opinions within the team.
  • Promote employee engagement with fun check-in questions
  • Generative AI bases engagement on team members’ User Guides answers so conversation is relevant and unique to the team
  • Integrate seamlessly with Slack and Microsoft Teams, just like other virtual water cooler topic generators.
  • Foster a supportive environment where team members are encouraged to acknowledge and appreciate each other’s achievements.
  • Encourages team members to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and alignment with company values.
  • Understand the positive impacts of employee recognition, including reduced stress and absenteeism, and enhanced engagement.
  • Be aware that lack of appreciation can lead to employee burnout, affecting not just the individual, but the entire team and organization.
  • Establish company and department-wide challenges that boost team building, health, and wellness.
  • Leverage challenges to strengthen the culture within the organization.
  • Use challenges as a tool to gamify initiatives and raise awareness about various topics.
  • Choose from a vast library of templates, or design your own unique challenge.
  • Recognize the dual benefits of challenges: they benefit the individual participant and the team by fostering common goals and experiences.
  • Engage the entire team with enjoyable and enriching activities.

Going Beyond the Work

While a typical intranet concentrates on the work, an intranet with TeamBuilder focuses on the people doing the work. Our platform provides spaces for conversations that go beyond work-related topics, allowing team members to reveal their personalities and build deeper connections.

Try a Corporate Social Intranet

Just 3 easy steps:

  1. Create your account
  2. Answer the User Guides
  3. Watch the magic happen!
Then watch Ada, our Generative AI, take over and help you build the team you’ve always wanted.


Create your account:

Test drive TeamBuilder with a team or department — or even your entire organization — free for 6 weeks. That’s an entire challenge month event cycle, including planning and setup.


Answer the User Guides:

Invite your team to complete your custom User Guide questions. User Guides are the foundation of your team members’ corporate social presence and interaction.


Watch the magic happen!

User Guides equip our Generative AI, Ada, with team insights to post relevant topics, stimulating ongoing engagement.

And for even more WOW, have your team complete a Challenge – They get to know each other better, and Ada adds AI magic with team-targeted conversation starters based around the challenge.

TeamBuilder is free for 45 days. Then, year-round team building for less than the cost of a single event.

Team Builder - Intelligent Team Building


per user, billed annually
  • AI-driven Banter
  • User Guides
  • Recognition (ShoutOuts)
  • Challenges
  • Google Workspace Integration
  • The "Ten Spot" videos


per user
  • AI-driven Banter
  • User Guides
  • Recognition (ShoutOuts)
  • Challenges
  • Google Workspace Integration
  • The Ten Spot Videos

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TeamBuilder is an innovative Corporate Social Network engineered to seamlessly integrate diverse HR initiatives. Its built-in features foster meaningful engagement amongst hybrid employees, cultivating a unified and productive team. Not sure where to start, or how to deploy? We can help.

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