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Remote workforce engagement

Why a Corporate Social Network?

Weak Virtual Relationships Harm Your Business

Remote Workforce engagement

The problem:

  • Engaging and managing remote workers is harder than in-office employees.
  • Virtual everything – conference rooms, water coolers, handshakes, pats on the back – lead to virtual relationships.
  • Virtual relationships can be harder to form and can lack the strength of real connections.
Remote Workforce engagement
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A Corporate Social Network solves this problem

Build teams socially

People are inherently social, which explains the viral growth of social networks like Facebook. Companies need social networks, too, now more than ever in our post-COVID hybrid work environment.


Team Builder - Intelligent Team Building

User Guides

  • Welcome new hires warmly to foster a sense of belonging.
  • Assist in the transition process, helping new hires become integral team members.
  • Facilitate introductions between the new employees and existing team members.
  • Use User Guides questions as a part of the onboarding process to initiate conversations and camaraderie.
  • Allow new employees to see the responses of other team members to these User Guides questions.
  • Utilize these User Guidess to uncover common interests or differing opinions within the team.
Ice Breakers


  • Banter integrates with Slack/Teams and other chat platforms, just like other virtual water cooler topic generators.
  • Encourage engaging conversation among team members by using fun and unique check-in questions.
  • Foster a strong company culture by facilitating connections between employees.
  • Promote employee engagement to establish trust within the team.
  • Use Banter to maintain connectivity and interaction among employees.
Water cooler topics
Shout outs


  • Foster a supportive environment where team members are encouraged to acknowledge and appreciate each other's achievements.
  • Allows team members to celebrate each other's accomplishments and alignment with company values.
  • Understand the positive impacts of employee recognition, including reduced stress and absenteeism, and enhanced engagement.
  • Be aware that lack of appreciation can lead to employee burnout, affecting not just the individual, but the entire team and organization.


  • Establish company and department-wide challenges that boost team building, health, and wellness.
  • Leverage challenges to strengthen the culture within the organization.
  • Use challenges as a tool to gamify initiatives and raise awareness about various topics.
  • Choose from a vast library of templates, or design your own unique challenge.
  • Recognize the dual benefits of challenges: they benefit the individual participant and the team by fostering common goals and experiences.
  • Engage the entire team with enjoyable and enriching activities.

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What's included in TeamBuilder Free?

  • TeamBuilder Free is a corporate social network; similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, but with features that promote corporate unity and culture.
  • Features like an activity feed that allows employees to connect in real-time, with most of the familiar features of the large social networks.
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