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Build your team with Slack and Team Builder
Slack and TeamBuilder

Integrate Slack and Instantly Improve Team Dynamic

TeamBuilder by Intuition provides team-building tools for hybrid workplaces to improve employee engagement, praise, learning, and development. With the TeamBuilder Slack integration, users can:

  • Get daily banter questions within a team’s Slack channel
  • View public ShoutOut messages in a team’s Slack channel
  • Receive value-driven ShoutOuts
  • Get reminders for 1:1 Meetings between managers and team members

When team members are surrounded by driven and motivated peers who care about what they do, they’re more likely to feel engaged in their own roles. Individual performance enhances team performance. You’ll achieve more employee productivity and reduce burnout.

Benefits of TeamBuilder Slack integration

Corporate values

Let your teams view and learn more about your corporate values from within the Slack app

1:1 Planner

Set up 1:1 meetings and agendas with your peers from within your Slack app channels

User Guides

Let your team members break the ice with User Guides. Allow new team members to share their likes, dislikes and insights with their peers.


Get your daily conversation starters right within Slack to encourage your team members to engage with each other and discuss their opinions.


Send value driven ShoutOuts to your peers using Slack to share the praise with relevant teams within your organization.


Participate in Challenges


Enjoy advanced team building functionality right from the communication platform your company is already using. Avoid pushback by asking team members to bounce back and forth between multiple platforms. TeamBuilder by INTUITION can be integrated with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Through a simple SSO, you can access either.

Having problems with the integration?

Our support team is here to help if you run into issues integrating or setting up TeamBuilder to fit your needs.