Build a culture where people are excited to come to work. It takes time and the right tools. But it’ll help your company see returns.
Teamwork App

Team Building is Not an Event. It is a Process.

Help your team thrive in a hybrid and remote work environment. In giving your team the right resources, you can increase their investment in their work and their team. When team members are surrounded by driven and motivated peers who care about what they do, they’re more likely to feel engaged in their own roles. Individual performance enhances team performance. You’ll see better productivity and less burnout.

Eliminate the Challenges of Hybrid Workplaces

Sometimes not having daily face time with each other can lead to disconnect. We can solve this. Create an office-like environment in a safe and fun space with our TeamBuilder by INTUITION tool. Coworkers from around the world can easily communicate. You’ll forget half your workforce isn’t even in the office.

Members on your team can have daily or weekly interactions. They can engage in conversation stemming from interesting IceBreaker questions. They can bond, build respect for each other and work toward common goals. After all, humans are pack animals. We need to stick together.

Features of TeamBuilder by Intuition

My Team

Get quick access to info on everyone who reports to you. Here you’ll have a grid with your team members’ names, dates they joined the tool, their departments and locations. Easily invite new members when they join the company, and remove old members after they leave.

1:1 Planner

As a manager, you know how important it is to connect with each member of your team. One-on-one meetings are a great way to do so. Get the most out of your meetings with your team members with better preparation tools. TeamBuilder by INTUITION enables you to easily plan, schedule and execute all your meetings. Be more organized and more productive with a context-based approach to meetings.


Welcome new hires with open arms. Help them transition to becoming a true part of the team. Get to know them and ensure everyone else gets to know them too. When onboarding a new team member, you can ask them a set of ice-breaker questions. After responding, they’ll see how everyone else responded as well. Breaking the ice will help team members discover what they have in common…or not, when it comes to “the best guitarist of all time.”

Our IceBreakers feature will automate the onboarding process for you. Plus, it’ll help you gather info on your team members’ interests for data analytics.


Good conversation gets people talking. Great conversation keeps people talking. Give your team members something to talk about by asking fun and unique check-in questions.

Improve company culture by bringing people together. Employee engagement helps build trust among your team. With the demands of various internal and external projects, trust is crucial.


Encourage members of your team to build each other up. Your team can use this feature to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and commitments to your company values. Employee recognition decreases stress and absenteeism, and reinvigorates employee engagement. People can get burned out when they don’t feel appreciated. Employee burnout can have repercussions for the individual employee, their whole team and your entire organization.


Set up company- and department-wide challenges that promote team building, health and wellness, and build culture within your organization. Our challenges are a great way to gamify initiatives and increase awareness of a topic. Choose from an extensive library of templates, or create your own challenge.

Our challenges, of course, benefit the individual engaging in them. But, they also benefit the team by creating commonality and a shared goal of meeting the challenges. Bring everyone together with fun and enriching activities.


Enjoy advanced team building functionality right from the communication platform your company is already using. Avoid pushback by asking team members to bounce back and forth between multiple platforms. TeamBuilder by INTUITION can be integrated with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Through a simple SSO, you can access either.

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