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I Attended Intuition’s Virtual Experiences for a Week, and This Is What I Learned

When you’re stuck at home day after day, you really start to miss getting out and doing things. Going out to eat a couple times a week has turned into ordering in. And hitting up my favorite workout classes is a thing of the past. But when I decided to give Intuition’s virtual experiences a try for a week, I finally had something to look forward to again.

Intuition has a wide range of experiences you can choose from, all of which you join from the comfort of your own home. There are cooking classes, yoga, live music, and more—basically something for everyone. I was even able to do things that would generally be outside my comfort zone, like taking a meditation class, which allowed me to learn something new while being cooped up in my home.

Because these virtual experiences are live, you can plan to do them in-the-moment with co-workers and friends, bringing back the connections and sense of community that tends to fade away during this time of working from home. Even though you’re miles apart, you’re still able to connect over learning how to make the perfect margarita or how to master a headstand in yoga—just via your screens.

The sessions also make for great breaks. Not only does it keep me away from work for up to an hour a day, but it’s also a great way to break up the week and prevent every day from feeling the same—something we’re all dealing with right now.

Want to come along and see what you’re missing? Here’s what happened when I attended Intuition’s virtual experiences for a week.

Here’s What Went Down, Day by Day

Monday: Burnout Survival Kit

You would think it would be easier to combat burnout when you’re working from home instead of at the office. But when your work life and personal life are even more closely intertwined, it’s exactly the opposite. This virtual webinar led by Imogen Dall, a British freelance writer, was really helpful in teaching me how to cope with stress, procrastination, exhaustion, and more—all the things just about anyone can benefit from getting some guidance on right now.

Tuesday: Defeating Impostor Syndrome

You’ve probably heard about imposter syndrome, when you doubt your own success and accomplishments, no matter what good things you do in life. Everyone probably experiences it in some way, and deafening it isn’t easy. In this workshop, I was able to dig deep into what it is and where it comes from, as well as find out how to reframe my thinking for the better. I couldn’t help but end the session feeling a little more worthy of my success.

Wednesday: H.I.I.T Workout

I really miss going to the gym and fitness studios to take workout classes, but this H.I.I.T workout was such a great alternative. It lasted 30 minutes, which was more than enough time to leave me feeling exhausted—not to mention super sweaty. I also loved how it was live. It made me work harder knowing I was moving right along with the trainer, as opposed to when I’m exercising to a workout video on YouTube. This is also something I plan on coming back to since I’ll be able to access the video—along with other workouts!—in Intuition’s on-demand library.

Thursday: Date Night (in) Glam

Okay, confession time: I don’t even know the last time I put on anything but yoga pants and a sweatshirt. And my hair and makeup? Yeah, I’ve been frizzy and bare-faced for weeks. While that has undoubtedly felt amazing, it was really fun learning some glam tips from a professional make-up artist during this virtual experience. I’m actually excited for the next time I have the opportunity to get dressed up. (Or, you know, just dress normal!)

Friday: Meditation

From now on, it’s safe to say Friday meditations will be a thing in my household. After a long, stressful week, I typically crash the second I get done working. That means most Friday evenings are spent lounging on the sofa, mindlessly watching whatever’s new to Netflix. While that feels good in the moment, I’ve never quite felt the relief I did after this meditation class. All the stress that built up throughout the week slowly faded away with every exhale. Post-class, I felt completely refreshed, energized, and ready to start my weekend—no stress in sight.

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