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The 3 Best Resources for Managing Financial Anxiety

financial anxiety

While everyone worries about money here and there, financial anxiety takes things a step further—and there’s a possibility that you’ve experienced it for years without even realizing it. It can be described as always being stressed, concerned, or worried about your finances—so much so that it can affect your mental health.

Managing financial anxiety can be tricky, because that stress, concern, and worry will really only fade away as you get into a better place with your finances. Instead of avoiding your financial problems—which is a common response to financial anxiety—experts recommend tackling them head-on. Here are some helpful resources that can help you feel better now and in the future.

3 Resources for Managing Financial Anxiety

1. Follow Financial Educators

There are so many free resources out there that can help you manage financial anxiety, and one of the best just so happens to be the financial educators you can follow online. Berna Anat, aka the Financial Hype Woman, makes figuring out your finances fun—even when you’re in debt. On her feed, she teaches you how to save, how to pay off big loans, and more, all in a very approachable and uplifting way that always has you feeling ready to better your bank account.

2. Tune Into Financial Wellness Classes

Sometimes you need a little extra help when it comes to managing financial anxiety, and you can take a deep-dive into all things savings, budgeting, and debt by tuning into one of Fitspot’s live or on-demand financial wellness classes. In an hour or less, you’ll leave the virtual session feeling more knowledgeable about the topics that are constantly stressing you out.

3. Get One-on-One Guidance

If you think you’d do better with one-on-one guidance, look into getting a personal accountant or financial coach. They can give you guidance based on your exact situation, helping you figure out how to save more, budget properly, and more. You’ll have to pay them for their time, but with all the help you’ll receive, that money is well-spent. You’ll soon be better able to properly handle your finances on your own and say goodbye to financial anxiety for good.

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