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How to Improve Employee Engagement in Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives are critical for the success of any modern organization. TeamBuilder helps you with a cohesive strategy.
DEI in Teams


Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives are critical for the success of any modern organization. They not only promote fairness and equity but are also known to improve employee productivity, innovation, and retention. However, just having D&I programs in place is not enough if employees do not feel engaged in them. That’s where Intuition AI’s TeamBuilder comes in. In this article, we will discuss how to use TeamBuilder’s features to improve employee engagement in D&I initiatives.

Create a Sense of Belonging with User Guides

User Guides are essential for creating a sense of belonging among employees from diverse backgrounds. With TeamBuilder’s User Guide feature, managers can set custom questions to help new team members feel like they belong right from the start. Encourage team members to participate in the User Guide activity and share common interests. This not only helps to build stronger relationships but fosters an atmosphere of understanding and respect.

Gamify D&I with Challenges

D&I should never be viewed as a one-time event but rather as an ongoing effort. TeamBuilder’s Challenges tool allows managers to create curated, highly-engaging activities that gamify D&I initiatives. These fun activities not only increase awareness but also create a common goal for employees to rally behind. Seeing other team members participating and enjoying these games can be an additional motivator for reluctant team members.

Promote Team Cohesion with Shout-Outs

Acknowledging the behaviors and actions that align with D&I values is critical for creating a workplace culture that supports inclusivity and equity. Intuition AI’s TeamBuilder’s Shout-Out feature allows team members to publicly recognize each other for supporting and displaying corporate values and individual contributions to the team. Doing this builds a sense of camaraderie among team members and promotes a healthy work dynamics that embodies diversity and inclusion.

Measure Employee Sentiment with Pulse Survey

Measuring the effectiveness of D&I initiatives is essential for their continued success. With TeamBuilder’s Pulse survey, managers can ask employee NPS (eNPS) questions and assess how employees are feeling about various programs and initiatives. This data is then analyzed using Intuition AI’s Generative AI engine, providing managers with insightful reports on employee sentiment. Such information provides a foundation for productive conversations between managers and employees about diversity and inclusion.

Encourage Conversations with Banter

Banter is all about creating spontaneous interactions and promoting conversations among team members. With TeamBuilder’s Banter feature, managers can customize questions that employees can answer within a Slack or Microsoft Teams channel. The AI-powered tool generates questions that are personalized to each employee, making these conversations more engaging and insightful. Encouraging banter that is inclusive and respectful can spark fresh ideas and perspectives among team members.


Diversity and inclusion initiatives are more than just a symbol of your organization’s commitment to fairness and equity. They also contribute to a culture of trust, innovation, and engagement. With Intuition AI’s TeamBuilder, managers can improve employee engagement in D&I initiatives through rapport-building User Guides, gamified Challenges, Shout-Outs, Pulse surveys for employee sentiment, and Banter’s spontaneous conversations. Take advantage of all the tools available on TeamBuilder to create an inclusive and diverse work environment.

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